5 Reasons Your Business Should Have GiftCards

Giftcards can help you grow your business. Customers love to get giftcards. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need these giftcards.

  1. Giftcards serve as a guaranteed referral. Not only did you generate sale, but giftcards bought will certainly be given to another person. This person could be a new customer that could be added to your regular customers.

  2. Giftcards topped at around $100 billion sales annually. Sales will surely increase if you have giftcards online offered to customers.

  3. A sold giftcard is already revenue on the spot. It is like collecting the money first without giving them the items they need.

  4. There is a term called “breakage” in the industry. This is the amount of unused giftcards. There has been an estimate of 10% to 15% breakage on gift cards. This means that this 10% to 15% automatically becomes your profit.

  5. Lastly, giftcards are always the topic on local business blogs and websites. All you have to do is produce those giftcards and the social media will do the rest.

So, what are you waiting for? Show your customers that you are reaching out to them through these giftcards and let them avail the best offers.


3 Reasons Why You Should Start an Email Campaign Now

Having an email marketing program can be a big help in communicating with your growing list of customers. However, it is important that you should know “how to campaign through email marketing. Here are the reasons why you should have one.

  1. Email marketing can save money. Why? Nowadays, everybody is trying to cut down on budget, but wants to increase profit. To do so, you can have an email marketing campaign. All you need to do is create an email, send and track emails at a very low price. No need to spend on thousands for a marketing campaign. There are various websites that offer information on “how to build an email list.”

  2. Email marketing can also save time. It would only take a few minutes to email marketing campaigns to your list every month. After this is done, you can now concentrate on other ways to grow your business.

  3. Lastly, email marketing campaign can build trust. Having those email marketing campaign sent on a regular basis, subscribers will see you as a valuable source of information. Once they get to trust you, these subscribers automatically get to trust your product.

Email marketing campaign can be really useful, so do not wait for another day and start having one.

Top 10 Websites for Small Businesses

There are about 110 million websites found in the internet. For small business owners it is important to find websites for businesses that can give ideas and business tips on how to run their businesses.

Small business owner can visit:

  1. www.business.gov, giving the business owner list of legal requirements needed and the location of government services.

  2. Another website for business promotion is the www.entrepreneur.com, an online publication that gives information on how to start and manage businesses.

  3. Next is the www.smallbiztrends.com, giving updates on the trends that affects small business market.

  4. The www.ducttapemarketing.com gives tips and advices for simple and affordable small business.

  5. The guides for small businesses can be found in the wall street journal small business.

  6. The www.sethgodin.com is the website of the bestselling author, entrepreneur, and agent of change named as Seth Godin.

  7. Another website is www.hrdailyadvisor.blr.com, has daily advisory, news, or tips for entrepreneurs.

  8. The www.searchengineguide.com is an educational website that aims to translate search marketing world into a language that an entrepreneur understands.

  9. The www.score.org gives free and confidential advice to entrepreneurs.

  10. The www.brandweek.com website gives you a comprehensive analysis and news coverage on branding.

We hope that you find these websites useful and helpful.

How To Choose The Right Bank for Your Small Business

A Match Made in Heaven: The Right Bank for the Right Business

A financial institution is one of the most important partners that a small business owner will have. They safeguard the owner’s equity and earnings, give advice on possible investments, and even provide additional financing. Since the partnership is of great importance, the decision on choosing a partner should not be taken lightly.

Before checking out any banks, the first task a business owner must undertake is to list down his needs. This is important because this will be one of your major guidelines in deciding on a bank. Will you need access to online banking? What kind of future financing do you require? Will you require financial advice on possible investments? Being aware of these needs is a big help once you are dealing face-to-face with a member of a financial institution.

Always remember that these institutions provide a service, and a relationship must be established to ensure that QUALITY service is provided. A successful relationship, be it personal or professional, is based on trust and proper communication. Do not be afraid of voicing out your needs and opinions regarding your business.

Remember, once you have decided on a business, it is best to establish a good working relationship long before you need financing, such as a loan. It never hurts your chances if your banker is fond of you, when he is considering the approval of your loan.

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